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Original Script

第四十二興徳大王, 寳暦二年丙午即位, 未㡬有人奉使扵唐, 將鸚鵡一雙而至, 不久雌死. 而孤雄哀鳴不已, 王使人掛鏡扵前. 鳥見鏡中影擬其得偶乃啅其鏡, 而知其影乃哀鳴而死. 王作歌云, 未詳. 《三國遺事. 第二. 紀異》


Student Translation : Stella

Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms, "Records of Marvels"

The 42nd king [of Silla], King Hŭngdŏk the Great, ascended to the throne in the second year of the Baoli[1] reign, the pyŏngo year. Shortly thereafter, a person serving as an envoy to the Tang brought a pair of parrots and returned [to Silla]. Not long after, the female parrot died. The lone male parrot was sad and cried without end. The king had someone hang a mirror before [the parrot]. The bird, seeing his reflection in the mirror, figured that it had gotten [back] its mate and then pecked the mirror. Realizing that it was his reflection, it then was saddened, cried, and died. It is said that the king composed a poem [about this incident]; [its contents are] unknown.

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  1. Emperor Jingzong of Tang China