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Original Script

兪石珍. 高山縣吏也. 父天乙得惡疾. 每日一發. 發則氣絶. 人不忍見. 石珍日夜侍側無懈. 號泣于天. 廣求醫藥. 人言生人之骨. 和血而飮. 則可愈. 石珍卽斷左手無名指. 依言以進. 其病卽瘳.

【詩】父患沈痾久未痊. 兒心悶絶呌蒼天.

  誰知一粒靈丹劑. 却在無名指細硏.

  父子天倫萬古同. 奈隨王化有汙隆.

  觀圖每向高風揖. 藉甚名聲永不窮.


Student Translation : Stella

Yu Sŏkchin was a clerk in Kosan County.[1] His father, Ch'ŏnŭl, had a horrible disease. Every day, he would seize; when he did, he would faint. People could not bear to watch [his suffering]. Day and night, Sŏkchin tended to his father by his side without rest, crying out and weeping toward the heavens. Broadly, he sought out treatment and medicine; [one day, he came across] a person who said that if he took the bones of a living person, mixed it with blood, and drank it, he could be cured. Sŏkchin immediately cut off the fourth finger on his left hand, and proceeded in accordance to the person's words. His father's illness immediately healed.

The father suffered deeply from a chronic illness that did not heal for a long time. The son, sorrowful in his heart, cried out to the blue heavens.
Who knew of the pill of the mysterious elixir? [Sŏkchin] finely ground the fourth finger on his left hand.
For hundreds of years, the heavenly moral relationship of father and son has been the same. How, in accordance with the kingly transformation into virtuosity, could this have ups and downs?
Every time people see the picture [of Sŏkchin's story], they pay respect toward its high integrity. The fame of his name was widely and deeply spread for eternity without end.

  • Discussion Questions:
(YO) The second line of the poem ("誰知一粒靈丹劑. 却在無名指細硏") should be taken as one sentence: "Who knew that the pill of the mysterious elixir was [Sŏkchin's] finely ground fourth finger on his left hand?"
  1. Of Wanju Prefecture (完州郡, modern Chŏnju), North Chŏlla Province