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Original Script

義慈王十六年. 王與宮人. 淫荒耽樂. 飮酒不止. 佐平成忠極諫. 王怒囚之. 無敢言者. 成忠不食. 臨死上書曰. 忠臣死不忘君. 願一言而死. 臣常觀時察變. 必將有兵革之事. 凡用兵. 必審擇地勢. 處上流而應敵. 可以保全. 敵兵若來. 使陸不過沈峴. 水不入伎伐浦. 據其險隘以禦之. 然後可也. 王不省. 遂死獄中. 二十年. 唐蘇定方. 統兵十三萬. 與新羅來伐. 過白江. 炭峴. 進軍黃山. 王知不免歎曰. 悔不用成忠之言. 定方圍其城. 宮女走大王浦巖上. 墮死. 後人名其巖爲落花. 王及世子孝降. 定方置酒勞將士. 使王行酒. 群臣流涕. 定方以王及臣民二萬二千八百餘人. 獻京師. 國亡.

【詩】沈湎淫荒穢德彰. 邦家杌隍勢將亡.

  人人退處皆鉗口. 瀝盡忠肝獨抗章.

  愛君忠懇孰能儔. 臨死猶陳爲國謀.

  不出數年言有驗. 名聲千古簡編留.


Student Translation : Nadia Arzberger

In the 16th year of this king, he came with his court ladies partied absurdly and drank alcohol with no end. A minister reproached the king and angered the king and imprisoned him and no one dared to speak up talk. Sǒng Ch’ung did not eat. Facing his death, he presented a letter [to the king] saying, “Even if the loyal subject dies, he will never forget [his] lord. I would like to say one word and then die. I often observed time and examined change. For sure, a battle is about to happen.”[As for] using soldiers, be sure to carefully choose the pattern of the terrain. Place [your soldiers] upper stream and face the enemy there. [Then] it is possible to protect them. If the enemy’s troops should come, do not let the troops on the land cross the fortress of Simhyŏn and on water do not let them enter into Kibŏl. Place your troops on the strategic narrow and dangerous passage and hold the defense. If you do like this on the future then it will be possible to win. But the king did not heed and later Sŏngch'ung died in prison. On the twentieth year of the reign of the king, Sūdìngfāng from Tang Empire, governed a troop of one hundred and thirty thousand soldiers, and with an alliance with the kingdom of Silla came to campaign. They crossed the White River, Paekkang; the Carbon Hill, T’anhyŏn, and move the troops to the Yellow Mountain, Hwangsan. The king knew [that he could] not avoid this [and] lamented sighing [and] said: "[I] regret not using Sŏng-ch'ung's words." Dingfang surrounded his fort. [The] court ladies ran on [to] the cliff [at] Taewangp'ŏ. [They] fell [and] died. Later people called this cliff as falling flowers. The King and the crown prince Hyo surrendered. Dingfang bestowed alcohol to relieve his generals and soldiers, and made the King run the drinks. All his ministers cried tears. Dingfang presented the King, the ministers and the people – 22 800 and some – to the capital of Tang. The state collapsed.

Poem: 沈湎淫荒穢德彰. 邦家杌隍勢將亡.
Becoming drunk excessively, the bad virtue is promoted. Country state of affairs is staggering
人人退處皆鉗口. 瀝盡忠肝獨抗章.
Everyone retreat from that place and closed their mouth. Drop by drop, showing his loyal heart, he alone resisted by writing.
愛君忠懇孰能儔. 臨死猶陳爲國謀.
His love of the king and earnest loyalty. Who can rival with him? Facing death, still he only laid out a plan for the country.
不出數年言有驗. 名聲千古簡編留.
Within several years did his words were verified. His fame lasted 1,000 years, in the bamboo strips (of the records) remained

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