(Translation) 2019 世俗五戒

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Original Script

沙梁部貴山· 箒頂 詣門摳衣吿曰, “俗士顓蒙無所知識, 願賜一言爲終身之誡.” 師曰 “有菩薩戒其別有十. 若等爲人臣子恐不能行. 今有世俗五戒, 一曰事君以忠, 二曰奉親以孝, 三曰交友以信, 四曰臨戰不退, 五曰殺生有擇. 若等行之無忽.” 貴山曰 “他則旣受命矣, 但不曉殺生有擇.” 師曰 “春夏月及六齋日不殺是擇時也, 不殺使畜謂牛馬鷄犬, 不殺細物謂肉不足一臠, 是擇物也. 過此雖其所用, 但不求多殺, 此可謂世俗之善戒.”《海東高僧傳. 釋圓光》


Student Translation : I.Yi

Kwisan and Ch'uhang from Saryangbu [in present-day 경주] paid a visit [to the monk Wŏn'gwang] and straightened their clothes. They said," [We] secular laymen are dense and stupid, there’s nothing which we know and comprehend. We wish you would grant one word, to be considered a precept for the rest of our lives. The teacher replied, “There are precepts for bodhisattvas which can be divided into ten. If you all are someone’s subject or son, I don’t think you can practice them. Today we have five precepts: one is serve your lord with loyalty; second, to uphold your parents with filial piety; third, interact with friends with trustworthiness; fourth, when you partake in battle, don’t retreat; fifth, when taking lives, be selective. You all should practice them without neglect. Kwisan said, “As for the others, we have already accepted your commands, yet we are not clear on killing selectively. The teacher said, “As for not killing in spring and summer months and the six purification days, this is known as choosing the time. As for not killing animals which you make work, namely cows, horses, chickens, and dogs, and not killing tiny beings who are insufficient to make one slice of meat, this is known as choosing beings. Beyond this, although they might be useful, do not seek to kill many. Only then can this be called the good precepts of the worldly realm.

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