(Translation) 渾沌

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Original Script

南海之帝為儵,北海之帝為忽,中央之帝為渾沌。儵與忽時相與遇於渾沌之地,渾沌待之甚善。儵與忽謀報渾沌之德,曰:「人皆有七竅,以視聽食息,此獨無有,嘗試鑿之。」日鑿一竅,七日而渾沌死。《莊子. 應帝王》


Student Translation : Petra Sváková

The emperor of the Southern Sea was Shu, the Emperor of the Northern Sea was Hu, the Emperor of the Middle was Hundun1. Shu and Hu sometimes met each other at Hundun's place, and Hundun treated them very well. Shu and Hu were planning how to show [their] gratitude for Hundun's kindness and said: "All people have seven apertures with which [they] look, hear, eat, and breath, [however] this [Hundun] alone does not have [them]. Let's try to make them." In one day, [they] made one aperture, [after] seven days Hundun died.

1 渾沌 means 'chaos'.

  • Discussion Questions:

+ I keep thinking about '日鑿一竅', can I change the order a bit and translate it like '[they] made one aperture a day'?