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Lyndsey (토론 | 기여) 사용자의 2019년 1월 22일 (화) 11:11 판

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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 8

The reason I joined the camp was because of my poor English skills and low interest in English. I am a student who lacks both English listening and writing skills. And i'm a student who is not interested in English. I always try hard, but I don't seem to improve because I'm not interested. The reason why I did not participate in summer camp is because I was not interested. But I thought I should develop my interest and ability in English after midterm and final exams in the second semester. Maybe I'll be late, but I decided to try. While I was thinking about it, my friend suggested me to go to a global camp together, and I thought that a global camp with foreign teachers would increase my interest in English. So I joined the global camp without hesitation. The subjects I choose are agriculture, fishing, and traditional markets. I chose interesting subjects because I participated to improve my English skills and increase my interest in English ability. Also, I live in Ganghwa for a long time and I know about specialty products and I like Pungmul market, traditional market of Ganghwa. So if I chose this topic, I thought I could help my team and work hard. I knew a lot about this topic. My family lived in Ganghwa for a long time. So I know about Ganghwa's specialty products and the wind market. As I live in Ganghwa, I have tried and experienced the specialty products of Ganghwa, such as mugwort, sweet potato, turnip, hwamunseok, and ginseng. I have also made and used specialty products. I learned a lot from this experience, and I was glad that this helped the team. I did a lot of work at the camp. I had a great time for three days. First of all, I was in charge of data on specialty products. I investigated the turnip and summarized it by its origin, attributes and efficacy. After the data investigation, I translated the articles that my sister of the same group researched and my part. To be honest with you, I borrowed the power of the translator. But in order to achieve my goal at the global camp, I have tried to increase the number of part I have fixed without using them, and have spent a long time correcting parts that the translators do not interpret correctly. And the next thing I did was I put all the photos and sources on the wiki. I think Wiki was pretty hard to put up. It was hard to figure out how to put up a picture or something. The last thing I've prepared is the presentation. I was always nervous and nervous when I gave a presentation, so I didn't do well. But I kept checking my pronunciation. so I wouldn't interrupt the other team members. I was happy that I finished the day of the presentation safely. I think I've learned a lot at this camp. First, I achieved my goal of attending this camp. I'm very satisfied that I'm interested in working with my foreign teacher I also learned the importance of harmony among my team members. I was happy because I shared my roles with eight team members, and I was able to express my opinions right away, so it ended quickly and the results were better than we thought. Next, I learned that you don't have to be embarrassed when you talk to a foreigner. On the first day, it has been so long since I had a conversation with a foreigner, so my voice is small, I can't think of a word, and what my foreign teacher is saying was not immediately understood. On the last day, however, I was not embarrassed and I could hear what you were saying, and I thought of words right away. I really liked this camp. I don't know if I can participate in next summer vacation, but I really want to do it if I can.