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We had second time of Digital Humanities Class. This time, we learned the way of using Media Wiki from Lindsey teacher. I had used it when I took part in Global Camp last year, so it was not strange for me. Using it again, I felt its usefulness more, because of making knowledge together. Not everyone always true, so it is meaningful to refine knowledge together through media wiki. It is also fun that I can design this space at myself. And visiting friend’s page, I can play enjoyable trick to my friends. (I was really fun especially when I played trick at HyunJung. ) I think communication is most important at team project, using this, we can hear everyone’s story and perspective. I really look forward to our media wiki that made by our team.

타지 않는 Trash, 유도롱이란 누구인가

학생0: 맞아요 진짜 소문이 무성해요((소근소근))

학생1:이거 익명 맞죠? 유수민은 아주 무서운 사람입니다. 제가 저번에 넘어졌을 때 그 악마 같이 쪼개고 있었습니다.

학생2:엥? 그거는 약과 입니다. 저번에 자기가 방귀껴놓고 모른 척 코 잡고 "누가 방귀 꼈어!!?"라고 말했습니다. 유도룡 이눔 방귀 뀐 놈이 성낸다는 말 그 자체입니다

학생3: 홍수민(30) 아줌마다.

학생4:친구들의 위키페이지를 요상하게 바꿔놓고 앞에서 모른척 슬쩍 웃음짓는 영악한 아이......


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2018 Personal Essay

2018 GGHS Team 1

I thought how efficient it would be to use things that I learned while studying English. Also, I wanted to experience various cultures and expand my way of thinking by talking with foreigners. So, through this global camp, I wanted to experience various cultures by reducing the burden of speaking English and talking about daily life freely and comfortably. And I wanted foreigners to learn about 'Goryeo' because it has a very valuable history. Therefore, as a proud Korean citizen of our country, I hope our country will be recognized from abroad. Through this global camp, I am going to talk about this topic with foreigners, experience a variety of ideas, and obtain a more open mind. We will also work with our team members to prepare for the presentation, fulfill our roles responsibly and learn how to collaborate efficiently through the Media Wiki. And we will be able to make our results visible to anyone, thus making our nation more valuable. In fact, I am more interested in science than in history. But I wanted to take this opportunity to explore the convergence of history and science. There is much that can be gained from past technology. If I look at the inventions of the past and see why they were invented, and how they influenced our ancestors' lives, and apply them to the present era, I will be able to investigate the history of my country more deeply. There are many inventions that can see wisdom of our ancestors. And most famous ones among them, during the Goryeo Dynasty, were metal types and cannon. Before this camp I already knew about metal types and cannon, but I wanted to explore more because I didn't know the exact details of the scientific principles and the background. Also, since it is a global camp, if I compare it with other countries’ technologies and find out what our inventions’ advantage and should complement, I will learn more. What I also knew about this topic is that metal types were invented in Korea during the Goryeo Dynasty, before Germany. This print is a combination of metal types. The first book that was made with these metal types was Jikji. Cannon was first developed by Choi Moo-seon in Korea during the Goryeo Dynasty. For the first time, cannon was develop in China, but thanks to Choi Moo-seon's invention of the cannon, Goryeo was able to resist Japanese invasion. In addition, they set up a "hwatul dictionary" to promote the development of cannon. Choi Moo-seon also made the nation's first rocket, 'Juhwa', which means 'Running Fire’. "Juhwa " refers to putting gunpowder into a paper container made by rolling it, and the powder inside the paper barrel burns, and the combustion gases are blown back by force. Although none of the gunpowder manufactured by Choi Moo-seon can be confirmed on the scale and structure of the weapons, it is certain that they are the foundation of our nation’s gunpowder weapons. Choi Moo-sun's contribution to the nation through the development of gunpowder and gunpowder weapons is beyond comparison with anyone's achievements. What I learned additionally from the research is that Mongolia also used gunpowder. From a military perspective, it was important for the Mongolian military to prepare for an attack based on abundant intelligence, but the Mongolian military introduced a gunpowder weapon that was just being used in combat. Mongolia's use of gunpowder was noted as an important issue that dealt a decisive blow to the Sambyeolcho. After the armed forces were completely crushed in Jeju Island in 1273, Mongolia began to fight against the Japanese government in 1274. In this fight, a new weapon was used against the Japanese army. In addition, records such as "The fire and the attack on Jeju Island caused the Sambyeolcho to fall down in surprise," may also be related to the use of gunpowder. By comparing the guns of Goryeo and other countries’ one, I looked for things to complement creativity in Goryeo and find out the physical principles that are used in the cannon. As I said before, I could examine and compare not only the cannon of Goryeo but also other countries’ one. So, in my opinion, our country is good enough, but also I have a position to respect other countries’ inventions. Through these various investigations, we have an opportunity to obtain an open mind and prepare ourselves for the global era. Also I could see wisdom by looking at various inventions from the Goryeo Dynasty and now I am even more proud of our country. I will become a person who helps our country by building more knowledge and creativity. I studied with my friends, discussed things which we could not understand, came up with ideas, and developed a sense of responsibility by doing my role.