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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 7

★★★★★ 10 “Global Forum Camp More Valuable and Happy to Work Hard!” - Seo○ Oh, 1st grader of GGHS

Reasons to be here:

Thinking of environment starts with the surrounding.

Do you remember the special memory of childhood? I have low-quality memorization skill to remember whole events, but I can still recall and describe the scenery in memory of the day when I was young. I couldn’t see numerous plants in childhood due to the fact that I lived at the center of Seoul. Fortunately, I had an opportunity to live in countryside of Canada and to go to christian school there. Canada has a lot of plants rather than Korea has. That’s because I could grown up with nature, and homeroom teacher in school taught me how to raise plants in the class of farming and protect the environment in every preying time. It is important that eco-friendly education make students can even think of environment such as plants in detail. Back to Korea, I couldn’t see green plants in my hometown of Korea as much as in settlement of Canada. I was surprised to see the views of environmental care in two countries are totally different. Since then, I was interested in environmental protection what human can do and searched for what other international organizations do on the purpose of protecting environment.
I was participate in summer global forum camp. The camp was progressing with MediaWiki, which creates the page for promoting work of the camp. Coding MediaWiki was bit of difficult to me and got the group tired of vast amount of works. The time I was attending there, even if immense amount of work made me tired a lot, I found interesting to announce what I had studied and researched through the website. That's why I have to apply for the global camp once again.

My Contribution in 2019 Winter Forum Camp:

Participate in the camp as MC in the opening ceremony
Before the camp begins with teamwork, I was involuntarily chosen the opening ceremony MC by teachers. I was startled because I did not even thought of leading the camp holding in a huge scale. I was grateful to be MC, took lots of effort to write the script of the opening ceremony and to practice all day long. However, this is my first time to heading tremendous event of school, unfortunately, I made some mistakes. If I can be selected as the MC who leads the forum camp next time, I will make up for that mistakes and do better certainly.

Joining team 7 as the researcher of renewable energy
When Kakaotalk chatting room was created, my team was discussed about the topic which needed to be divided. That’s why we selected the topic, ‘Renewable Energy and Environmental Protection’. At the fist day of the camp, we had to talk about the way of presentation, and I suggest that we should make a play like ‘Pokémon Go’. So my team made a papar for submitting Wiki, a script for playing ‘Ganghwayeo Go’, and the stuff of what we need in the play. I usually gave some ideas of playing and decorations of the stuff, and write a script for playing. Especially, I used to focus on specific things such as pokémon changed into endangered animals, pokéstop changed into generator of renewable energy.

Tidal barrage energy is one of renewable energy.

I wrote the part of tidal barrage energy for Wiki. I felt comfortable to write about it because I’ve already known some information of renewable energy.
The principle of tidal barrage generation, the part of my research, is generally to turn the generator by closing the floodgate and then opening the door, using the force of water spilling. The fall is usually less than 10m, smaller than the fall from the hydraulic power. There are only a limited number of countries that have tidal resources because the tidal difference is only available in large areas with large capacity reserves.
The time I researched and studied about the discipline of renewable energy, I’m so honored to be in adorable, lovely, and passionate team 7 to contribute to the environmental protection. Because of working hard with enthusiastic teammates, we won first place in the presentation!

Great Experiences in 2019 Winter Global Forum Camp:

Glad to be with Foreign Teacher
In 2018 Summer Global Forum Camp, honestly, my team had no talk with foreign teacher. I was so disappointed at the camp and the attitude of my team. At the beginning of 2019 Winter Global Forum Camp, I worried about the frequency of talking with foreign teacher. My team was assigned to Mariana, and the more we had a camp, the more we talked about lots of things, and we became real friends. While I was at the camp with Mariana and my passionate team, I understood the phrase 'Time flies'. It’s too short time to make this amount of work and talk with tender, lovely teacher. Next time, I want to spend more time to participate in the Global Forum Camp, and I want to participate in this team and the organization of teacher Mariana.

The Growth of a Global Talent
Through the camp, I was able to improve my English skills and become more proficient in conversation with foreigners. Personally, I have low confident to talk in English. Because some of my friends teasing me a lot, were used to mimick my accent and pronunciation. Through the camp, I had a chance to overcome the trauma, and now I become more better to talk in English aloud. My team and I made own Wiki page, Google Map Dots, and Mind Map through Wiki and tried to keep up with the fourth Industrial Revolution, which always mentioned by career teacher in the school. I hope that there will be plenty of opportunities for us to develop our global talents in the future. I’ll participate in the next Global Forum Camp again.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

Protesters clash with police outside the constitutional court after the ruling against South Korean President Park.

In 2017, something miserable was happened in South Korea. President of Park Geun Hye was sacked by having the impeachment of constitutional court. The reason why she could be expelled is – the interest of People. I was surprised that how people’s interest can lead to win from evil forces. Happening in 2017 triggers make me have interest in politics.

The very next thing was happened is electing president of Moon Jae-in. Moon Jae-in as the government was launching the Moon Jae-in - implemented quickly, and the Korea-U.S. summit meeting between Trump's currency, and 2017 on June 29, held in Washington. Besides, he made a deal with North Korea to dismantle nuclear and let North Korea and the United States have first summit meeting. As I heard, the diplomatic situation almost drove into the entrance second Korean War, and four-power countries surrounding us such as China, United States of America, Russia and Japan instigate the war.

I was shocked because Moon Jae In government has been doing something extraordinary than the other’s. He had appointed Gang Gyeonghwa, minister for foreign affairs, who is the first women and non-graduated civil service examination. Gang Gyeonghwa and Moon Jae In collaborates the beautiful diplomacy ever in the Korean Peninsula, and I fell deeply in diplomatic matters.

This is a photo of the Later Three Kingdoms period in the Korean Peninsula.

I am used to go to volunteering work for translate, and this work made me familiar with English. Therefore, when I listened to the Global Forum Camp in Ganghwa Girls High School, I was so glad to hear that and looked forward to do this. Registering in Politics and Diplomatic was great experience as I expected.

The background knowledge was bit too much, so what I’m going to write about my own study about my group’s topic.

As you can see the thesis of my group, Wang gun did friendly policies on Silla. To Later Paekche, however, stick and carrot strategy was announced. The friendly policy of Goryeo to Silla was at the core of King Taejo's Hubaekje isolation policy. It is because Silla, which is directly bounded by its diplomatic, has an important meaning that will determine the future situation of the divided nation. In other words, since the diplomatic future of the Silla kingdom is directly linked to military issues, the results are far from comparable. So, Goryeo chose peaceful diplomacy rather than Hubaekje's military diplomacy led by Gyeon Hwon, which enabled Silla to lean on. Silla, which was unable to overcome the military pressure, was forced to choose Goryeo, which eventually won the hearts of many Silla royal families. After Gyeongsun surrendered, King Taejo of Goryeo was able to bring in numerous forces from the Silla Dynasty to Goryeo without using his force.

Moon Jae In President is announcing his policy towards Democratic People's Republic of Korea at Berlin's Old City Hall upon the invitation of the Körber Foundation.

Berlin, Germany on July 6 in 2017 is the day that a speech that Moon Jae-in president released by the resemblance to ‘Berlin Doctrine’. It is a policy of peace and diplomacy with North Korea, which is closest to the border. The New Berlin Declaration can be understood in the context that the solution to peaceful reunification on the Korean Peninsula can be found in the case of Goryeo, which achieved unification gradually through active dialogue, exchange and cooperation with Silla. The process of unification of Korea, 1,100 years ago, to establish peace on the Korean Peninsula, can be an important guide to the unification process, even if it is not the same environment and conditions.

The mysterious relationship between the two Koreas is often described as “dark cave.” The New Berlin Declaration is a roadmap that presents mid to long-term peace policy measures and a phased and comprehensive approach aimed at establishing a lasting peace regime. If we focus our policy direction on the unification of the two Koreas, we will change our focus to the "peace" of the Korean Peninsula and pursue the happiness of all, including the establishment of various North Korean policies,

I’d learned a lot from this forum such as how to make Wikimedia, and how to think widely. In addition, Ganghwa Girls High School has been doing a year project,“the 1100st anniversary of Goryeo Foundation", is helpful for me to know hidden Goryeo's history enough, especially in this forum, it gave me a chance to think about figuring out measures to unify Korea compared to Goryeo Diplomatic Policies, it was way better than any detailed project that school opened curriculum to participate in. I could build extent knowledge throughout this forum, and received help my own development.

At first, my group project was a little bit different before. It was hard for my group, and then I suggest the new topic. I researched Wanggun's external policies to provide the information for members of my group. As soon as members had finished writing their own work, I started to translate it all. Sometimes I gave some corrections of few members put their own work written in English. And I made and reformed my group’s Wikimedia, After becoming high schooler, I have no time to focus on studying English rather than past. I always miss the time studying English, but the school gave me the good time to study English too. Through this forum, I can improve my English grammar skills and writing skills. Moreover, I could stack more knowledge about Goryeo. Global Forum Camp is really helpful for students whoever they are fluent in English skills or not. If a chance to do this forum once or more, I will register in it right away, and happy to participate in it.