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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 7

<2019 Global Issue Forum Camp, which was very meaningful to me>

This is my second time attending a global camp. Last time I participated in summer camp in 2018. At that time, I remember how through the camp activities I learned doing simple coding work on Wiki, talking to native English teacher, and doing all the work in English, it was very helpful. As I had such a good memory of this time I decided to participate in the global camp again.

The topic I chose is Renewable Energy and Environmental Protection. First of all, I am always interesting in renewable energy and I chose this topic because I thought it could be related well to the environment and humans. Also, the field that I am most interested in is science, so I felt that I would be more comfortable and enjoyable if I chose a subject related to it. So I started studying the subject of ‘New Renewable Energy and Biological Preservation’.

In fact, before I got to this subject, I knew what renewable energy is and how it usually works. However, I knew nothing about the current situation of renewable energy in Ganghwa area except solar power panels which we are using in our dormitory. So I tried my best to find out what I didn't know before and I felt that I achieved some progress in this process.

Our team split the material into two sections for the Wiki page. Half of the team studied renewable energy and the other half looked at Environmental Protection. I was in charge of researching renewable energy. While searching for data, the most memorable thing was a heat pump. On Ganghwa Island, a hot-air tube called "Heat Pump" is used to heat the boiler. A heat pump is a device that controls heating and cooling water by using heat or seawater from a fish farm. It helps to reduce energy by 60%. This fact was the most impressive to me because I never heard about this type of renewable energy method before. It was also interesting to find out renewable energy is used in a much wider range than I thought.

I was feeling so ecstatic and amazing at the same time because I could pile up my head with these knowledge. Also, by using MediaWiki it became easier and faster making coding as we combined information what we heard at the last camp and what we heard newly at this camp.

All of our team members were responsible for posting the data they found out for Wiki and researching the data. I was more specifically tasked with marking places on maps within the Wiki page and uploading photos there. I also worked on making two videos that were necessary for the presentation. Although it was my first time editing a map, it was easier and more fun than I thought. The work I felt most proud of myself and our team was making videos. I said to my team I will do it myself because I usually like making videos.

Of course, there were some problems with making videos because I used something different from my usual editing program. And when I tried to save the video, the logo of the program appeared in the center of the screen. So, as Ms. Marianna (our team teacher) suggested, I recorded the video from the computer screen and edited it! Unfortunately I worked until 3 a.m. to make perfect video, but I was so proud to see the final version. And I was most pleased that my speciality was helpful to our team. I think the reason why I was able to create successful video was because my team actively followed me in filming and recording voice, and supported me a lot. Therefore I am most thankful to my team members and teacher during this activities.

If you look at my writing so far, someone might think, 'Maybe her dream is related to video production'. But for now I am sure that my dream is to be an aviation technician and an air controller. The topic of our team was not directly related to my future. But I chose it because I really like science. So what I wanted to get through this camp was improving my coding and English skills. And honestly I think I've got both of them according to my wishes. As I think that nowadays knowledge of foreign language especially English is the most important thing from that moment I will always try to improve my English. I feel that this camp was a meaningful activity that offered me such opportunity.

At this camp, our team was more energetic than any other teams. Especially, I was impressed to see our teacher (Ms. Marianna) trying to communicate with us with a great interest in our topic. I would like to thank the teacher Marianna, the team leader and all the team members for leading our team well. Also, I am very proud of attending Ganghwa Girls' High School where I can experience such valuable activities and I am grateful to all who have provided such opportunities.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

2018 Global Forum Camp

2018 GGHS Team 1

A comparison of the Technology of Goryeo and Foreign Countries.

Before joining the global issue forum camp for the first time, I didn't know exactly what it was and thought it would be difficult. But I thought that I can learn something even though it's difficult. Also, I participated with the idea that ‘ Will this opportunity come again?’ and ‘Let's take this opportunity to improve my English skills. It was a difficult subject for me because as I have never studied it I don't have enough information. But the kind and detailed explanations of the native English teachers and professor Kim Hyun's explanation touched me so deeply that I did not doze but listened very carefully.

The reason why we chose the subject of ' Comparing the Science and Technology of the Goryeo' is because, in our opinion, we are capable not only make some scientific research about it but also we are able to compare the characteristics of Goryeo's cannons and metal types with those of other countries. We thought that it would be a great opportunity to explain the excellence of the technology of the Goryeo Dynasty. Moreover through comparison with foreign products we wanted to find the excellence and security of our one. And, finally, as we are in Ganghwa, the capital of Goryeo, it is a good opportunity for us to build various knowledge of Goryeo.

Our team divided science technology into cannon and metal types. The cannon was invented in the Goryeo Dynasty by Choi Moo Seon(崔茂宣). The challenge was to find out the physical characteristics of the cannons and find out their varieties. Regarding the metal type of Goryeo Dynasty, we have to find out what characteristics were used and the same compared to the metal type from Germany. I have never explored these two subjects in depth before, and the only thing I know is that Goryeo's metal types were ahead of Germany. Although it was hard to explore a topic having lack of background knowledge, I felt myself very proud and growing.

My role in our group was to organize material that were found by our team into ppt presentation. I also took part in searching information about how printing technology has developed in modern times.

I learned a lot from making presentations by simply compressing and organizing the materials and using the Media Wiki to do simple coding. Now I know that there is a typical 3D printer in modern printing and nowadays we have a cutting edge in printing ideas as well as text messages. While searching for data, I also saw a lot of information about metal types from Goryeo. The document that was printed in metal type is Jikji. The metal type was made of brass. The reason for this is that the brass is satisfy the characteristics of easy melting, strong enough and free from ink damage. Also, people in Goryeo used metal types, korean paper (hanji) and ink named Yoo Yeon Mook(油煙墨) for making jikji. Yoo Yeon Mook(油煙墨) ink was made of a mixture of soot, glue, and such as paulownia oil or redwood oil that is well coated on a smooth metal surface. This unique characteristic of Korea met the optimum conditions for good use of metal types. The tenacity, passion and wisdom of our ancestors, who finished each type manually, seems to have contributed to making the modern printer.

Through this camp, I hope to improve my English skills by talking with native English teachers and writing reports in English. In future I hope to become an air controller. And, as you know, air traffic controllers need English, so I hope this camp will help me to achieve my goal. Also, I wish this camp will motivate me to be more interested in the history of Korea. Since our group subject is the science and technology of Goryeo, I hope it will be a camp where I can learn more about the history of science technology.

In conclusion, I want to say that I feel so proud that I am a student at Ganghwa girls’ high school, because our school is located in Ganghwa, which was the capital of Goryeo.