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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 5

My second Global camp = my perfect global camp

Last time, I joined the camp because I just wanted to talk with native English teachers. But this winter camp was a little different for me. Last summer camp was a really good memory for me. Usually I was interested in English, but I had a dream of becoming a movie translator. so, I thought the global camp is a great opportunity to take a step further in my dream.

There were various topics about Ganghwa, but The word ‘ Colonial Period ’ caught my eye. It's because I learned about the Colonial Period in history class, it remained strongly in my head. Like, cases of deprivation of human rights from Japan( press suppression, Japanese military sexual slavery ), and the fact that many people have tried to get it back ( Yoo Gwan-sun, Ahn Jung-geun, etc ). yeah, I knew quite a few facts about human rights in the Colonial Period. But I didn’t know well about Media during the Colonial Period.

Our group divided a role through a meeting and I became to investigate Ganghwa- Island Treaty. It wasn't that difficult to find basic information about it. But I was worried about finding the Media at that time. I learned that many people's human rights were suppressed, such as The military police system, Forced labor and comfort women, Ban on the use of Korean language and Press reports. I also learned that the media has existed for a long time that I thought. And there were many different kinds of media!

It took me a while to find it, but it was interesting to read the old newspaper article. And above all, the process of translating information into Korean or English was really fun. How can I convey original meaning better? How can I make it more clear? I translated it with this concern. Through this camp, I really felt closer to my dream. And I know We must never forget about our painful but strong history. Above all, I was glad that our team's activities did not just their own work, but helped each other and communicated enough. I would like to thank our native English teacher, Evelyn and our team!!

2018 Summer Personal Essay

Hi, I am from team 10

My topic is Gamubeokui. I will let you know how I choose the topic. Actually, It was little hard to choose the topic. I want to be a movie director in the future, but there is no movie, drama even and a camera in Goryeo dynasty! So, I kept thinking 'what topic can I choose?' A few minutes later, I thought of Goryeo's performing arts. It was great topic for me! Because I have seen Gamubeakui on TV and in the movie before and it was really beautiful as a pair of butterflies. Also I think it was quite relevant to my dream. That is how I picked the topic.

Before I joined the global camp, the only thing I knew about the Gamubeokui was that it was used to be performed at a lantern festival or Palgwanhoe.( it is soo beautiful too) Of course it is right, but it was only a small part of the Gamubeakui.

I learned a lot about Gamubeakui during the camp. The most shocked for me was that there were various kinds in Gamubeakui! Gamubeakui is a generic term for all kinds of banquets.

Gamubeakui was divided into two types, Hyangakjeongjae and Dangakjeongjae. HyanggakJungjae’s historical significance lies in the facts that it was a new form of royal performance in the Goryeo period, and its accompaniment song was Hyanggak that contributed to the successful transmission of Hyangakjeongjae from Goryeo to Joseon. Also Hyangakjeongjae's songs contain Korean literature like " Dongdongsa(동동사(動動詞)".

Dangjeongjae’s historical significance lies in the facts that Dangjeongjae helped in the development of its accompaniment instrument called Goryeo Dangak(고려 당악), and that it helped to improve the royal performing arts in different ways. Before Dangakjeongjae came to Goryeo’s culture from China, Hyangakjeongjae had been the only one representative performance in Goryeo. In the late Joseon, Dangjeongjae was supported by Music Institution called Gyobang(교방 [敎坊]). So we can still enjoy it nowadays.

It seems that culture and art have always existed. As we used to feel pleasure and happiness through cultural works of art such as movies or music, we can see similarities with our old culture. In particular, Goryeo people also felt happiness and joy through cultural works of art such as Gamubeakui performed at Palgwanhoe and lantern celebrations. This performing art from Goryeo Dynasty was developed more widely through Joseon Dynasty.

In fact, my team 10 presented two subjects with four members. So, I participated in the global camp as an vice-leader of the team. First, we divided the table of contents into four big sections, following the topic, and I researched the kinds of Gamubeakui and The Signature of Gamubeakui. It was a little difficult for two people to collect and organize all information and prepare the final presentation. But I could learn more about the topic I chose. And it became an opportunity to become closer with team member I was working with.

Through this global camp, I could enjoy speaking English and talking with foreigners directly. And because I like to talk in English, I want to join this camp again. This camp was especially good because we had different experiences, learnt about our history and posted our work on the Internet site.