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Lyndsey (토론 | 기여) 사용자의 2019년 1월 22일 (화) 10:46 판

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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 6

As the first year of high school is almost over in 2018, I think I regret more days than days that were rewarding. In 2019, he decided to actively participate in various activities at school to make up his mind and lead a life without regret. I wanted to do various activities not to spend this winter vacation in vain. I've had a lot of experiences during this three-day camp. I was not confident in communicating in English, so I agonized a lot before applying for the camp. However, rather than just avoiding fear, I tried to overcome the difficulties and tried new challenges to be myself. Also, I wanted to improve my English speaking skills through the opportunity to talk to native speakers and improve my ability to make presentations with confidence without trembling in front of others. I hope many people will pay attention to the history and cultural aspects of Ganghwa by exploring its culture and presenting its natural heritage in English. I usually watch the news often and became interested in diplomatic relations with my country and other countries. There were mixed feelings as a nation, North and South Korea, still divided into two Koreas, had a North-U.S. summit and a South-North summit meeting for unification. It is time for us to share our deep thoughts on unification and apply them to the modern era as lessons learned from past diplomatic relations. At the forum camp, he chose to strengthen the military based on diplomatic relations between Joseon and modern times. I learned about Byeonginyo and Sinmiyangyo, which occurred during the reign of Heungseon Daewongun during the Joseon Dynasty, during the period of history, and I knew that their trade with Joseon was the fundamental cause of these incidents. Ganghwa was a place of deep military significance. Joseon has stuck to its policy of closing down the country since the outbreak of the war. In particular, he rejected the inflow of Cheonshu Bridge and refused to establish diplomatic relations, which led to two invasions by other countries, including Byeongin Yangyo and Sin Mi Yangyo, and started an aggressive policy of rejecting trade and trade. Gwangseongbo was the most intense battle in 1971. It is also a military facility that protects the Ganghwa Strait, which contains the painful history of Korea where many of the Baekseong Fortress died in the face of foreign forces. However, the United States expedition to Korea invaded Ganghwa Island, the Ganghwa Island in Japan four years later when Joseon was caved in, and next year, Joseon was complaining back in 1876 joyagin the Japan-Korea Treaty of Japan.In place. The Ganghwawa Street is a Historicity of the Most Importance in the defense and security of Josson.y. South and North Korea are within reach of each other for verification. However, as the leaders took good lead and worked hard on each other, it was a shame to break up with the teacher. Especially, I realized that cooperation and leadership are important through this camp. Although I forgot my lines and made some mistakes in the presentation, it was a proud activity after that. It was a little hard and difficult, but I felt proud as I announced and investigated the reinforcement we live in. I think I started to spend my winter vacation as a meaningful experience