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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 10

2019 Global Camp

I think I've learned a lot from this global camp. By participating in this camp, I wanted to improve my English skills and to write down in the school register the career hope that grew through the global camp. I could feel the spirit of team work with children who choose topic like me, apply to speak with native teacher in English. The subjects I chose were the historical figures and historical sites of Ganghwa. Ganghwa has a lot of history. The reason why I chose a historical site among them was because I thought it would suit my career. My career hope is to be a nurse. Although there was a topic about Ganghwa ecosystem, I chose a historical figure and historical site to investigate Park Doo-sung who made Braille among the historical figures of Ganghwa. My present residence in Ganghwa is a place where there were many historical sites and historical figures and there is much historical value. However, living in Ganghwa, I was sorry that I never thought about the characters and historical sites that I learned in school, so I wanted to choose this topic.

  • What did you learn about this topic at the camp?

I think there are a lot of things I noticed during the global camp. First, I could learn deeply about the historical figures and sites of Ganghwa. I learned about Yang Heon-soo, Uee Jae-yeon, and Lee Gyu-bo at global camp. To explain the fact that we learned about each person and the historical site briefly, General Yang Heon-soo was able to protect the records and books on Jeongjisan Mountain by attacking the French army when the French army invaded Ganghwado Island in 1866. General Eo Jae-yeon is a general who fought back against the U.S. forces after the occupation of Deokjin in 1871. Sadly, he died in the war, but he was brave enough to be recognized by the U.S. and was buil a monument in Joseon. Lee Gyu-bo is the poet who wrote Jumong Solidarity (and is) considered a great achievement in Korean literature. He taught students at the Ganghwa Island School and all his poems are highly regarded. I learned about the historic sites associated with the great achievements of Ganghwa-related figures through the global camp. Also, it was not only historical fact that we learned from the global camp. While participating, I found out what I didn't know, and my team and native English teacher helped me a lot. My teacher helped me to ask my team about things I didn't know while I was researching the data and checked my English interpretation. It was a meaningful three days for me because I could fill up my knowledge and learn to cooperate with the rest of the participants of the global camp.

  • What kind of role did you play in the team and an impressive thing you during the camp?

I usually translated for the team. The team was eight people. We worked in pairs. I did research on Yang Heon-sooc’s achievement and translated material for Lee Gyu-bo, and I put pictures and made a name card for the historical site on the wiki. Also, I was a French soldier in the presentation(play), no dialogue., and shortly made an appearance. But I had a great time because I was able to perform with my team members and teachers. When using wiki, I was not used to it at first. So, we could learn about cooperation during this global camp because when using Wiki, if there was something I didn’t know, the team would help me. and when I'm misinterpret the English analysis, my teacher helps me. I also helped a team member who doesn't know about wiki. it was a meaningful time to work together and learn about cooperation, English skills, and historical facts. The most impressive thing in the camp was that I could talk to my teacher and learn English. I wanted to fill up my English skills by talking with my teacher during the camp. However, as the real situation approached, I couldn't talk to my teacher because I couldn't speak English. But I was proud to have a short conversation with my teacher, understand English little by little, and finish camp safely through wiki writing. When I go to camp next time, I want to study English more and talk to my teacher.

  • What I missed about camp

What I felt sorry about during the camp was that I failed to investigate Park Du-sung. I was busy investigating other people related to Ganghwa, so I felt sorry that I could not investigate Park Doo-sung. However, it is not a bad memory because I leant about other historical figures and sites. Also, I think I ran out of time during the camp. It was not starting from the morning but from the afternoon, and it was a little difficult to concentrate only on the camp because of my studies. But this made it a marvelous experience. It was a short time, but I was amazed that all teams prepared for every game, performed and finished safely on the stage. The most regrettable thing is that our team didn't win the award, but I think it was a memory for the camp.

  • Is there anything you want about a job you hope to have in the future through camp?

Through this camp, I was able to get closer to my career hope. English seems to be related to any future dream. Among many future dreams, my future hope as a nurse seems to have more to do with English. My English may not be good enough, but I could tell from the gathering of people who dreamed of becoming a career path in the global camp that I have to learn English and I can challenge English. During this global camp, I could feel that I could see more English and improve little by little. I also felt good that my computer skills have improved in this camp. With this camp, I have become close to acieving my career goal and I will not forget this global camp when I become a nurse.

  • The last word I want to say

This global camp has been very helpful to me. In the process of the global camp, I could learn a lot of English and got used to it. All of these topics were meaningful. Although I was born and lived in Ganghwa, I did not seem to know much about the history of Ganghwa. But at this global camp, it was nice to have a topic I wanted and to explore it in depth. Through the global camp, I learned that Yang Heon-soo, Eo Jae-yeon and Lee Gyu-bo are historical figures of Ganghwa, and that Gwangseongbo, Jeongjoksanseong and Lee Gyu-bo’s tombs exist in Ganghwa. Also, the presentation of information by the other team on the history of Ganghwa provided various knowledge about the history of Ganghwa. Also, it was a special activity because I could present what I researched in English. In fact, in real life, it is not easy to write history in English as well as access to English a lot. By the way, it was good to do it through a global camp. There are more good things about the global camp. It was a memorable activity with the help of a native teacher and team members, I participated in a global camp, prepared and presented Wiki, prepared materials in English, and fostered a sense of cooperation. Through this activity, I was able to approach my career and was glad it was not hard. There were a lot of things to learn and a lot to feel for three days. I am sure this activity will help my future.

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