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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 6

I've already applied for the second Global Camp.I applied to have a meaningful time during the winter vacation. Because I thought it was really meaningful time when I did global camp for the first time. I thought it would be better to have experienced it once than when I first applied for a global camp, but I couldn't speak well in front of a foreign teacher at first. However, our foreign teacher helped us with the topic, worried about it, and talked with us, and later we became closer than before. My second global camp was very nervous like the first one. When I first decided on the subject, I had many themes, but I chose to Military History and Ganghwa - Joseon Period and Contemporary International Relations. Because if see Gwangseongbo Fortress,Ganghwa Chojijin Fortress , Ganghwa Deokjinjin Fortress etc in Ganghwa, think that Ganghwa would be meaningful military and wanted to think about and find out more about Ganghwa. It took a long time for the team to meet for the first time and make a conclusion on the topic. In the process of discussing it and making an opinion together, I thought there was an idea like this. After discussing the topic and making the results, we divided the roles and proceeded smoothly. Among them, my foreign teacher helped me a lot. While I was working as a research and script translator, I learned the facts of Ganghwa, which I did not know. In Gwangseongbo Fortress,Ganghwa Chojijin Fortress ,Ganghwa Deokjinjin Fortress , Eo Jae-yeon and Yang Heon-soo fought with other countries during the American Disturbance of 1871 and French campaign against Korea of 1866.I thought Ganghwado Island was just a good place, but it looked a little different this time because there was a history like this. Now that I've learned so much, I think I've done a good job of doing a global camp this time. If you think about the advantages of the global camp, First, I didn't really know about Ganghwa, but as I said above, it was nice to know the history of Ganghwa a little more and it was nice to be able to tell other people by announcing its contents. Also, I can see what other groups have announced, so it seems to be good for the global camp. Second, working with a foreign teacher can be an advantage of the global camp because it is a foreign language study with a foreign teacher. This time, I felt that I lacked foreign language and I thought that I should study more. Second, I am not good at making an announcement and I am shy. When I first went to a global camp, this was the biggest problem for me. It was really hard for me and worried that I had to speak in a foreign language in front of everyone's teachers.I made many mistakes in presenting because I was nervous.The presentation was like a big problem to me, but I was really sorry that I made a mistake, but I will not give up and try again in the next 2nd grade. Although he didn't make it to the list, The process of debating and joining together hard seems to be getting from learning itself, so I succeeded in spending meaningful time that is the reason why I applied for the global camp. I feel grateful to the teacher who was with me during this meaningful time.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

I'm Team 4 I live in Ganghwa, which contains the history of Goryeo.

I uploaded at 1:37.

When I finished my day at the Global Forum Camp, my motivation was to apply for it.  When I heard stories of other friends who had been in this camp, my friend advised me to apply for it. It's not just a camp, it's a camp where you communicate and participate directly. So I joined this camp because I wanted to communicate with foreign teachers.

It is my first step to participate in this difficult camp. First, when I was thinking about the subject of society, I searched for the subject of "people's lives" and I chose this subject because I realized that the life of the people was difficult during the period of the military rule. We had time to get to know each other first by choosing a topic in advance and introducing ourselves to a foreign teacher for the first time. At first, I wasn't confident enough. The group has explained our topic to the teacher and now we have to search for information on this topic and try to speak in English.

But I came here to overcome this! So I will try harder. It was known that the area was originally about the Mongol invasions and the fact that the people were having a hard time. But as we searched for materials on the topic, I found out that the Goryeo people were deprived of their land and heavy taxes were put on them during the military regime. The nobles lived a good live, but made the life of ordinary people difficult.The lives of the people were becoming increasingly impoverished, and the effect of the peasant uprising is said to have shaken the society.

We can learn more about the situation from the data in Goryeosa Jeolyo. Also, what if this happens now in 2018 and in the future? Thinking that, I tried to understand the situation. If this happens now, not only is it going to be endless, but it's going to be really hard. It won't be the same as it used to be.Because we are the same people as we used to be now. Life should not improve and this should not happen with a people-oriented life, so all expectations for the future will be better than now.

My Contribution

Lives of Ganghwa people when the capital was transferred

After a period of humiliation, the ruling period of the Mongols is called a history of humiliation.It was the local military and people who fought against Mongolia when it was called the time of its invasion and the leaders of the military period were trying to run away on the level of peace. People moved to Ganghwa Island, which was also called for by the people to move there.

'She goes barefoot with the victims ' loads, and there is no place for people in positions below.Also, due to the relentless oppression on the people of Song Gil-yoo, they became difficult.'

It is said that he was eventually ruled by Mongolia. In this situation, the people calmed themselves with songs. At that time, the status of tattoos had to be supported by the Choe. They say he may have been sucking up to the ground. There are many such contents in Goryeosa Jeolyo. Choe U enjoys a luxurious life and Yi Gyu-bo left behind while suffering from food shortages.It is also said that there have been many protests of farmers. Even the residents of Ganghwa Island have suddenly become a capital.[1][2][3]

Classical Chinese Translation: Example 1

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왕이 덕자궁(德慈宮)으로 가서 일수왕(逸壽王, 충렬왕)을 모시고 수녕궁(壽寧宮)에서 연회를가졌다.[4]

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