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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 10

I uploaded at pm 5:54

The winter vacation that the first grade is almost over, I am participating in the 2019 Winter Global Camp. The reason why I participated in this camp is that there are recommendations from my school teachers, recommendations from my sisters, and favorite subjects. Also, the most decisive factor in my choice was that the global camp during the summer vacation remained a very good memory. At that time, I remembered happy memories with a really good English teacher. We got a lot and made a memorable presentation and survey. I was very impressed with learning new things, and moreover, the camp in English that I wanted to learn more and was interested in was a pride to me. "I did a global camp during the vacation. It was really helpful." Global camp was really the best program for me because I was still a teenager who wanted to learn and enjoy the experience. With such great expectations, I began my three-day journey. The theme of our team was Family People and Historic Sites of Ganghwwa, why did they choose the immigration system? Just attracted? As soon as I saw the topic at first, I said, "Oh, this is it!" Now that I think of it, I like to observe people and to hang out.

Also, I have a dream of being a journalist, which is a job of treating and respecting people, so I think I was attracted more. And I liked the team that I was close to. I had my own background before researching on this subject. That's why I feel more confident. I knew Lee Gyu-bo, Chul-jong, Yang Heon-soo, and Eo Jae-yeon as famous people in Ganghwa. The fact that the tombs and the birthplace of Lee Gyu-bo, who was one of the greatest writers of the Goryeo Dynasty, are located on the road in Ganghwado Island is the place where King Cheoljong lived in today's Yongheung Palace and other related legends are known. It is because he is a Ganghwa resident. General Yang Heon-soo defeated the French army in Jeongjoksan, while General Eo Jae-yeon defeated the American in Gwangseongbo. I went to the historical site in person. With these background knowledge, I began to research the data passionately. We divided the parts into two and began to research the data. My part was Jeongjoksanseong. I learned a lot by studying the structure, width, and period of the Jeongjoksan Fortress.

first, Jeongjoksanseong is During the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasties, it was the most important government complex to protect the outside of the capital city and Hanyang. The form is Surrounded by steep cliffs, the fortress facilities are four gates and four fortresses, including Dongmun, Nammun, Seomun, and Bukmun. also , located at 222m above sea level in the southern part of Ganghwa Island. This vast amount of information prepared for the presentation. Among them, I played the lead role in posting information on wiki, placing places on Wikipedia, and playing a play. As I was a meticulous person, I mostly reviewed my friends' posts by classifying them into sub-titles and uploading them. And they also marked places on the wiki. It was difficult, but he didn't give up, so he became a power. And I played the main character in the play. It was very burdensome that our play had a huge role in the main character and had to elicit the audience's response. But I didn't get nervous and participated as I prepared.

I was not very communicative, but I'm satisfied with the responses. I found and learned so many things that I was curious about but difficult to find. And although it is a short time with team members, I was able to cultivate community spirit by conducting countles. When a friend did something wrong, he realized that he had to help him understand and do it again, not get angry. It seemed like a more correct student. Through this camp, I came a step closer to my dream of being a journalist, and I want to be a team leader next time.s meetings and data research for 3 days, and I also had a strong bond.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

I uploaded at am 11:45

I am still a freshman, and I participated in the Global Forum Camp for the first time. I think the motivation and purpose of my participation are more clear. I usually have a low grade in English and I am not confident in my ability to write, grammar ability, and conversation.So, I always had in mind to improve my English. To become more familiar with the language, I read the book application and translated it into English. Then I saw the Global Issue Forum Camp information on the school bulletin board. It said that every word should be spoken in English, and that a foreign teacher will teach us. And I suddenly thought that the ability to communicate with foreigners in English is very valuable! I really wanted to participate. So I decided that I would not even find a friend to work with, but just blindly participate in this camp. Another reason for such a decision is my friend's strong recommendation. She participated in this camp before and she told me her activities were very good and helpful.

As my friend said, it was very informative and meaningful to discuss the field of our future career with the group members, discuss the topic, research and present the topic. The theme of our group was Life of the Goryeo People at the Time the Capital was Moved to Ganghwa. We divided the tasks into psychology, media, aid worker etc., according to each member's field of interest and do the research according to that.

I was assigned the 'society' part. We wanted to have a special social theme during the Goryeo Dynasty. It reminded me of the people's lives in the days of the military rule as a way of thinking about the social chaos and the society in which it changed. Then another aspect to mention is the reason I joined the 'society' team. My dream is to go to the sociology department in university and become a journalist. This is the goal of my high school life. I like to explore and criticize social problems and issues. So I wanted to do research on a topic about how the lives of the people changed under the military rule and during the Mongol invasions . As I said before, my dream is to be a journalist. So I came up with a structure to do the presentation in a news format.

My specific role is to be a newsmaker, and I wrote a news script for the presentation day. We also added video clips to make the news more attractive. And at the end of the presentation, I wrote an article criticizing the rulers of the Goryeo military regime, looking for examples of tyranny, the life of the poor people, etc. I am really excited to present it in a news format. In order to complete the assignments, I had to upload the materials I found to media wiki.

What I knew about this topic before the camp, was that Goryeo people went through a lot of difficulties and distress. Many died of hunger,and there were many old people and children. Looking for specific examples or facts like this, I think I have learned and understood those times more accurately. Originally I did not know anything except the fact that Goryeo people used to overcome their suffering by singing songs. But as I looked for more materials I found that people used to sing songs that were called Pogu-ak. I tried to sing myself, but I think, rather than now, I will try to sing later when I am having a hard time or when I am missing someone. I think it will cheer me up. If it works, I will recommend it to those around me.

Finally, by participating in this camp, I learned about the situation of the people during the military rule and and I think my English conversation skills with the foreign teachers improved. Also, through searching, translating, and preparing for presentation, I learned how to cooperate with my group members. Also, when opinions differ on the direction of data research, we seem to have developed caring and understanding, including leadership, and how to listen to each member's opinions.

My Contribution

The Difficult Lives of Goryeo People

I looked for a direct example of Mongolia's invasion, of its people's lives, of its dictatorship. I focused on the situation at that time rather than the trend of the times. When Mongolia invaded Goryeo in 1231, Goryeo was in a difficult situation both at home and abroad. Mongolia invaded the country many times outside, and the Japanese looted the people, and inside, an atheistic revolution led to a new regime of atheism. Unfortunately, the politics of atheism did not live up to expectations. They have all regarded the interests of the people, and there is no time to look at the safety of the people. For example, ' You bring up my hometown to the prefecture and send comfort to the people. (After the dissolution of the uprising) Soon you send soldiers against our town and capture my mother and wife. I would rather die fighting than give in to the end, and must go to the last place. As it is, atheism is pressuring the people's lives, even though it can not enlighten the confused people. In addition, Song Gil-yu, a regional ruler of Gyeongsang Province, brutally killed people who opposed the relocation.[1] This shows how persecuted the lives of the people were then. Contrary to the people's situation, the privileged people of that time continued to enjoy a comfortable life after reaching Ganghwado Island. King ‘Choi’ used the army to carry garden trees to Seosan to form a forest of dozens. When you look at the records of these behaviors, it's very doubtful if you're a representative of a country. Furthermore, rather than providing active resistance, the Choi administration has relied on the geographical advantages of Ganghwa Island and been content with its continued luxury.[2] This is why it is assessed that the transfer was not a tactical value or diplomatic effect, but rather a means for Choi to protect his regime and to ensure the safety of some of the ruling groups.[3] [4] [5]


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