Jamie Jungmin Yoo

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About Jamie

Jamie Jungmin Yoo is a research professor in the International Studies at Korea University, Republic of Korea. Formerly, she was a fellow at the Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies (ICKS) at Seoul National University, and also conducted her postdoctoral research at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) in Beijing, China.

She completed her dissertation, 'Materiality and Writing: Circulation of Texts, Reading and Reception, and Production of Literature in Late 18th-century Korea', at Harvard University in 2014. It was acknowledged as the 2015 Publication Accolade in the PhD Humanities by the International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS), based in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Jamie is interested in how various material conditions interacted with the production of literature in the Early Modern period. From transnational perspectives, for example, she examines how the print culture and market trades in 18th-century East Asia influenced the reading and writing practices of Korean writers. Her current research particularly focuses on the "censorship" of early modern Korea, in terms of formation of literary identity, reception of foreign books, and the practice of reading and reception.


  • “Networks of Disquiet: Censorship and the Production of Literature in Eighteenth-Century Korea” at Acta Koreana (June 2017, A&HCI)
  • “Book of Ears, Eyes, Mouth and Heart,” English translation of excerpts from Ch'ŏngjanggwanjŏnsŏ, literary criticism by Yi Tŏng-mu (1741-1793), annotated with a short critical introduction, to be included in An Anthology of Premodern Korean Prose: Literary Selections from the Tenth to the Nineteenth Centuries, eds. Michael Pettid, Gregory Evon and Chan Park; under contract with Columbia University. (in press)
  • “Hanguk Munhakŭi Kusulsŏng (Orality in Korean Literature),” in the Journal of Korean Culture, vol 12, The International Academic Forum of Korean Languages and Literature, 2009. (peer reviewed, KCI)
  • “Chosŏn Hugi Kosiron ŭi Sŏnkyŏk Kwa Chŏng Bŏm-cho Changpyŏn Kosi ŭi Susajŏk Tŭkching (Debates on the Poetic Forms in Late Chosŏn and Chŏng Bŏm-cho’s Old-style Poetry),” in Hankuk Hansi Yŏnku 9, 2001. (peer reviewed, KCI)

Research & Teaching Interests

  • Korean Literature
  • Comparative Literature
  • 18th Century Studies
  • Transnational Studies
  • History of the Book & Media Studies
  • Translation Studies
  • Digital Humanities


  • Korean (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • Classical Chinese (advanced)
  • Chinese (4 yrs)
  • Japanese (2 yrs)
  • French (2 yrs)

Academic Advisors

  • 심경호
  • David McCann
  • Stephen Owen
  • Wilt Idema
  • Peter Bol