Ontology Design for Semantic Cocktails 1.0

§ Classes

class namedescriptionnotes
Cocktail칵테일, mixed alcoholic drinks
Spirit증류주, distilled alcoholic beverages
Wine발효주, fermented alcoholic beverages
Liqueur혼성주, highly flavored alcoholic beverages
SoftDrink비알콜성음료와 소스, non-alcoholic drinks sauces
Garnish장식, decorative ornaments
Glass유리잔, glassware for serving cocktails
Method조주법, making method of cocktails

§ Relations

* Class-Node Relation

relation namedomainrangeinverse relation
hasCategoryupper classslower classisIncludedIn
hasMemberall classesnodes (individuals in OWL) belonging to the classbelongsTo

* Inter-node Relation (Link, Object Properties in OWL)

relation namedomainrangeinverse relation
useBaseLiquor Cocktail Spirit isSpritFor
useLiqueur Cocktail Liqueur isLiqueurFor
useModifier Cocktail SoftDrink isSoftdrinkFor
isGarnishedWith Cocktail Garnish isGarnishFor
isServedIn Cocktail Glass isGlassFor
isMadeBy Cocktail Method isMethodFor
isAddedBy Cocktail Method -
and Method Method -
or Garnish Garnish -

§ Attributes

* Link Attributes

attribute namedomainrangenotes
1/4oz, 1/3oz, 1/2oz, 3/4oz,
1oz, 2oz, 3oz,
1+1/4oz, 1+1/2oz, 1+3/4oz, 2+1/2oz,
1/2tsp, 1tsp, 1dash, 1ea, 1pinch,
postProcessuseModifierfill, top

* Node Attributes (Datatype Properties in OWL)

attribute namedomainrangenotes
id all Classes string
label all Classes string
type all Classes string
neighborhood all Classes URLURL of the network graph showing the 1 hop relationships
icon all Classes URLURL of the thumbnail image
reference all Classes URLURL of the related web document