2018 JSG Summer Hanmun Workshop (Advanced)

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지도교수 Instructor


The main purposes of this workshop (Advanced Translation Team) are to train researchers of Korean studies to read traditional Korean sources and to translate them into contemporary English. For such purposes, This workshop has been designed as an intensive three-week course (six hours daily, overall 90 hours, not including historical field trips) on a variety of Korean sources including: royal court documents, literati writings, philosophical treatises, historical essays, folktales, literary works, social and economic documents, etc. Through a series of graduate seminars, we will read these sources and translate them into English in a highly collaborative manner.

Each translated piece will be a stand-alone article with a detailed introduction, fully annotated translations, discussions and questions, references, and suggestions for further reading. Our collective translations will be published online. All of our works will belong to the public domain of Korean studies and be used for pedagogical and research purposes in the future. The products from the two previous workshops are available on the Jangseogak website:


In the future, all the materials in the website above will be transferred to our new website of Korean Documents:



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  • 전체 리스트

Part I. Royal Documents

I-1. “In King Yeongjo’s own writing, when asked of my enterprises” (“御製問業” from 『英祖大王』 [藏書閣, 2011] #15, p.140-141)

I-2. 蕩平碑 탕평비 (Tangpyeongbi) 1742

I-3. 御製均役濬川卽予事業 어제균역준천즉여사업(Eoje Gyunyeokjuncheonjeugyeosaeop) 1773

I-4. 御製壹初 어제일초(Eoje Ilcho) 1774

I-5. 御製垂綸吟 어제수윤음(Eoje Suyuneum) 1774

I-6. 御製廣蕩 어제광탕(Eoje Gwangtang) 1774

I-7. King Yeongjo’s Prohibition of Wine Drinking (御製戒酒綸音, 英祖 33年(1757))

I-8. King Sunjo’s Instruction on the Emancipation of the Public Slaves. 「純祖實錄」『朝鮮王朝實錄』2卷, 純祖 1年(1801) 1月 28日 乙巳 (淸嘉慶 6年)

Part Ⅱ. Literati writings

II-1. Ryu Seong-ryong’s Memorial on Current Affairs. “陳時務箚” 壬辰十一月。在定州。(『西厓集』 › 西厓先生文集卷之五)

II-2. Jeong Yak-yong 丁若鏞 (1762-1836, Dasan): A male lamenting his self-imposed castration 哀絶陽 (1803)

II-3. Dasan’s letter to his disciple Hwang Sang

II-4. Vita Contemplativa vs. Vita Activa (Yulgok vs. Dasan)

II-5. Dasan’s advice to a Buddhist Monk (Jahong 慈弘) 茶山의 贈言帖

II-6. The Regulations of the Munheon Academy “文憲書院學規”(『栗谷全書』) by Yi I 李珥, (1537-1584)

Part III. Old Documents (文書)

III-1. A Document of property division among the nine siblings including Yi Ae (1494) (李璦男妹和會文記, 1494)

III-2. A Document of Selling one’s person (自賣明文- 慶州崔氏 貞武公 宗宅)

III-3. A Document of a Slave Selling land to his master (盈德 務安朴氏 武毅公 朴毅長(1555-1615) 宗宅)

III-4. A Document of trading a slave with a horse (1614) (海南尹氏 綠雨堂 宗宅)

III-5. A Statement of trading a slave with a horse (1614) (海南尹氏 綠雨堂 宗宅)

III-6. Kim Deukrok's Statement of trading a slave with a horse (1614) (海南尹氏 綠雨堂 宗宅)

III-7. A Certificate of trading a slave with a horse (1614) (海南尹氏 綠雨堂 宗宅)

III-8. A Document of Selling a Concubine (1758) (賣妾文券)

III-9. A Document endorsing an son of a concubine (禮曹給帖)

III-10. A Document of Selling a Dream (賣夢明文)

III-11. 1509年 永膺大君 棄別夫人 鄭氏 許與文記

III-12. Record of Kim Myŏngyŏl's Property Distribution 1669年 金命說 分財記

III-13. Record of Kim Pŏn's Property Distribution 1688年 金璠 分財記

III-14. Document of Chŏng Misu 1493年 鄭眉壽 明文

III-15. Chŏng Misu's Will 1509年 鄭眉壽 遺書

Part IV. Folk tales and Anecdotes

IV-1. A tale of Pak Tolmong's life story

IV-2. A petition to the magistrate by a mistreated lady

Part V. Korean Buddhist Texts Excerpts

V-1. Sabok without Words

V-2. Two Buddhist Saints in Naksan

V-3. A Biography of Wŏnhyo

Part VI. Text translated by Students Project

健陵誌帖 건릉지첩

VI-0. Sample : 健陵誌帖 translated by Jaeyoon Song

天文類秒 천문류초

VI-1. 天文類秒 translated by Sotirova Irina Vladimirova

烈女徐氏抱竹圖 열녀서씨포죽도

VI-2. 烈女徐氏抱竹圖 (yŏllyŏ Sŏ Ssi p'ojukto Chaste Woman Madam Seo Embraces Bamboo) translated by Kim Young

東史綱目 序 동사강목 서

VI-3. 東史綱目 序 translated by Masha Kobzeva

大東學會月報 第一號 대동학회월보 제일호

VI-4. 大東學會月報 第一號 呂圭亨 translated by Jong Woo Park

實事求是說 실사구시설

VI-5. 實事求是說(Silsa Kusisŏl, Treatise on Seeking Truth from Facts) translated by Kanghun Ahn

成宗實錄 卷140, 13年 4月 15日(癸丑) 성종실록 권140, 13년 4월 15일(계축)

VI-6. 成宗實錄 卷140, 13年 4月 15日(癸丑) translated by Hu Jing

麗史提綱 여사제강

VI-7. 麗史提綱 translated by King Kwong Wong

燕行錄節選 연행록절선

VI-8. 燕行錄節選 translated by Zhijun Ren

竹溪誌 院規 죽계지 원규

VI-9. 竹溪誌 院規 translated by Martin Gehlmann

無衣子詩集 "茶泉" 무의자시집 "다천"

VI-10. 無衣子詩集 "茶泉" translated by Youngsuk Park

錦南先生漂海錄 금남선생표해록

VI-11. 錦南先生漂海錄 translated by Jinsook

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