2018 JSG Summer Hanmun Workshop

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(2017SHWJA) 여름 한문 워크샵 Summer Hanmun Workshop
(2016SHWJA) 여름 한문 워크샵 Summer Hanmun Workshop

소개 Introduction

The Jangseogak Archives at the Academy of Korean Studies is offering a three-week intensive course on-campus from 3rd July to 21st July, 2018. Graduate students, young researchers, and professors of Korean (not excluding Chinese and Japanese) studies who have received at least two years of training in classical Chinese or completed comparable courses in Asian studies are welcome to apply.

The workshop will run for 6 hours everyday from Monday to Friday for three weeks (morning lectures and afternoon practicum for translation), and will also include opportunities to explore historic sites related to the reading materials covered in the workshop.

The workshop aims to create a global knowledge-building community of Korean studies. All lectures and discussions at the workshop will be conducted in English; at the same time, it will require translation of the original sources into English. Apart from the translation project, each participant will be obligated to produce a translated article of his/her own choice within three months from the end of the workshop. The authorship of each translated piece or article will be accredited to the individual contributor; however, both the translated sources and the introductory articles will belong to the public domain of Korean studies and be published online for academic purposes.

The Academy of Korean Studies will provide the participants with round-trip airfare (no more than 1,800 USD), tuition, and board and lodging. Graduate students are required to submit letters of recommendation from their advisors.

개요 Outline

  • 행사명: (2018SHWJA) 여름 한문 워크샵 Summer Hanmun Workshop
  • 일 자: 2018년 7월 2일-20일 | 3주간
  • 장 소: 장서각, 한국학중앙연구원
  • 공식 언어: 영어
  • 주최 및 주관: 한국학중앙연구원 장서각

절차 및 일정표 Process and Timetable

일정 절차
1월-2월 Koreanstudies, H-net 공지, 중핵대학 홈페이지 게시 요청
2월-3월 해외대학 한국학전공 교수진에게 홍보메일 발송
3월 장서각 한문워크샵 디렉터 및 수강 신청서 접수 완료
4월 장서각 한문워크샵 디렉터 및 수강자 선정 심사, 선정 결과 개별 통보 (e-mail)
4월-6월 한문워크샵 강의 계획(안) 확정 등 행사 준비
7월 한문워크샵 개최

참가자 Participants

- 상세보기 Details
Year Participants Intermediate Training Group Advanced Translation Group
2018 Instructor 오영균 (吳英均, Young Kyun Oh) 송재윤 (宋在倫, Jaeyoon Song)
Students Francisca Cho, Nan Kathy Lin, Petra Svakova, Kyrie Vermette, Bryan Sauvadet, Althea Volpe, Jelena Gledic, Okyang Chae-Duporge, James Julian Butterfield, Ewa Rzanna Martin Gehlmann, Jing Hu, Meng-Heng Lee, King Kwong Wong, Ji-Hyun Lee, Kang-Hun Ahn, Younès M’Ghari, In-Ho Choi, Xiaoyi Ze, Ruixin Ren, Goeun Lee, Jeeeun Kwon, Sanghoon Na,

강독과제 Reading and Translation Assignments

Intermediate Training Group
Advanced Translation Group

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