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* E-mail youngoh@asu.edu
* E-mail youngoh@asu.edu
* [http://dhlab.aks.ac.kr/~youngoh/wiki/index.php Dr.Oh's Wiki]
* [http://dhlab.aks.ac.kr/~youngoh/wiki/index.php PHD Oh's Wiki]

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약력 Personal profile

— Education / Academic qualification

  • BA, Sogang University(1987)
  • MA, Sogang University(1989)
  • MA, University of Wisconsin-Madison(1996)
  • PHD, University of Wisconsin-Madison(2005)

관심사 Interests

  • Sound, Knowledge, and Books
  • Language, Writing, and Reading
  • Knowing, Writing, and Remembering

연락처 Contact information

  • E-mail youngoh@asu.edu