Ontology Design for Semantic Music Story

§ Classes

* Major Class

class namedescriptionsub class
Film영상 콘텐츠Movie, Drama, CF
Scene음악이 있는 장면
Story이야기Book, Character, Concept, Event, Map, Object, Opera, Person, Place, WebResource

* Sub Class (categories for contextual knowledge elements)

class namedescriptionupper class
CF광고 영상Film
Book책, 문학작품Story
Character등장 인물Story
Concept개념, 용어Story
Map지도 (Global Postioning)Story
Opera오페라, 음악작품의 묶음Story
Person실존 인물Story
WebResource 디지털 자원Story

§ Relations

* Class-Node Relation

relation namedomainrangeinverse relation
hasCategoryupper classslower classisIncludedIn
hasMemberall classesnodes (individuals in OWL) belonging to the classbelongsTo

* Inter-node Relation (Link, Object Properties in OWL)

relation namedomainrangeinverse relation
appears Actress Film
conquered Person Place
creator Object Composer, Person isCreatedBy
depicts Object Person isDepictedIn
evolvedInto Object Object
hasAdoptedDaughter Person, Character Person, Character
hasCurrentLocation Object Place
hasDaughter Person, Character Person, Character
hasHistoricalSetting Film, Opera Event
hasHistory Place Event
hasHusband Person, Character Person, Character
hasMotive Character, Character Place, Person, Book
hasMusic Film Music
hasScene Film Scene
hasSister Person, Character Person, Character
hasSon Person, Character Person, Character
hasSonInLaw Person, Character Person, Character
invites Person Composer, Person
isAppointed Person Concept
isArrangedBy Music Composer
isAttributedTo Music Composer
isBrotherOf Person, Character Person, Character
isCharacterOf Character Film, Opera
isComposedBy Music Composer
isDedicatedTo Music, Opera Person
isDepictedIn Person Film depicts
isEstablishedBy Concept Event
isFianceeOf Character Character
isFilimingLocationOf Place Place
isHomeOf Place Character
isKingOf Person Place
isLocatedAt Place Map
isMemberOf Character Character
isPartOf Event Event
isPreviousHomeOf Place Person, Character
isRealCharacterOf Person Character
isRelatedTo All All
isRuledBy Place Concept
isShownBy Place WebResource
isSisterOf Person, Character Person, Character
isSongOf Music Opera
isSungBy Music Character
isWorkplaceOf Place Person, Character
leads Person Event
livesIn Person Place
lodgesAt Composer Person
loves Composer, Person, Character Composer, Person, Character
performedFor Composer Film hasPerformanceOf
teaches Composer Person

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