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History and Culture of Korea in 100 Topics


Korea 100 presents one-hundred articles on history, controversies, culture, events, and historical figures pertaining to Korea. It aims to serve as a free, reputable, multimedia resource for educators, diplomats, students, and anyone in the general public who is interested in learning more about Korea. The website also includes a glossary of key terms, further resources, and a variety of photos, videos, and illustrations.

This online resource is a product of the Academy of Korean Studies - the leading research institution for Korean studies. It was launched in 2017 as the final product research project which aimed to understand on a deeper level how we might create better introductory content on Korea for non-Korean speakers and Koreans abroad. This research project came about in response to the lack of reputable, introductory content on Korea available online - especially in English. 100 topics were selected to serve as a "test run" to gain insight on existing resources, to fine-tune content development, fact-checking, and editing processes for Korea-related content, and to serve as a backdrop for multimedia content compiliation and creation. It was implemented on a MediaWiki platform to enable collaborative creation and easy navigation.

English-language articles on Korea 100 are abbreviated and tailored versions of the Korean-language articles designed to better serve the needs of those less familiar with Korean history, language, and culture. For those who can read Korean, a link to the Korean version of each article is available in the top right corner of each page.


  1. An Overview of Korean History
  2. Debates on Korea
  3. Understanding Korea through Culture
  4. Key Events of Korea
  5. Key Figures of Korea
  6. Korea as Seen through Multimedia