"Ganghwa Girl's High School Global Issues Forum - 2019 Summer"의 두 판 사이의 차이

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21번째 줄: 21번째 줄:
|19:30~22:00 || 각나라 선생님과의 만남, 팀별 작업 시간 || Teacher's roundtable / Team prep time
|19:30~22:00 || 각나라 선생님과의 만남, 팀별 작업 시간 || Teacher's roundtable / Team prep time

2019년 7월 15일 (월) 22:00 판


Solutions for a More Peaceful World



Time Korean English
13:00~16:00 강화여고에 도착 Arrive at GGHS
16:00~16:30 기숙사 방배정 및 쉬는 시간 Get dorm rooms and free time
16:30~17:00 학교장과 만남 Meet with the principal
17:00~17:45 개회식 Opening Ceremony
17:45~18:30 팀별 작업 시간 Team prep time
18:30~19:30 저녁 식사 Dinner
19:30~22:00 각나라 선생님과의 만남, 팀별 작업 시간 Teacher's roundtable / Team prep time


Time Korean English
07:30-08:00 기상 Wakeup alarm
08:00~09:00 아침 식사 Breakfast
09:00~12:00 자유 시간 Free time
12:00~13:00 점심 시간 Lunch
13:00~18:00 팀별 작업 시간 Team prep time
18:00~19:00 저녁 식사 Dinner
19:00~22:00 팀별 작업 시간 Team prep time


Time Korean English
07:30-08:00 기상 Wakeup alarm
08:00~09:00 아침 식사 Breakfast
09:00~11:30 준비 시간 Team prep time
11:30~12:30 점심 식사 Lunch
12:30~13:00 준비 시간 Team prep time
13:00~16:00 발표 및 폐회식 Presentations and Closing Ceremony
16:00~19:00 강화여고에서 출발 Leave GGHS

Final Presentation and Closing Ceremony

Time Content
13:00~13:15 Opening Remarks & Overview of Proceedings
13:15~14:15 Presentation Session 1 (8 teams)
14:15~14:30 Break
14:30~15:30 Presentation Session 2 (7 teams)
15:30~15:45 Results Calculation / DH Team Presentations
15:45~16:00 Results Announcement & Closing Remarks


Team No. Topic Name Gender Country Course Major
2 Peace and Women Anand M India PhD Korean Culture & Society
Politics Dereje M Ethiopia PhD Political Science
14 Working Environment Ernesta F Lithuania MA Sociology
4 Sustainable Waste Management Evelyn F Peru PhD Translation of Classics
6 Multiculturalism & Education Evgeniia F Russia MA Education
7 Globalization's Influence on Korean Culture Katya F Belarus MA Korean Culture & Society
5 Renewable Energy/Global Warming
13 Gender Relations Levi M Romania MA Korean Literature
1 Digital Humanities Lyndsey F United States PhD Cultural Informatics
8 Economic Class & Poverty Margarita F Bulgaria MA Political Science
Politics Maxat M Kazakhstan PhD Political Science
9 Humanitarian Movement Olga F Russia MA Korean History
10 Korean Reunification Shaden F Jordan MA Korean Culture & Society
11 Migration Yulia F Russia PhD Sociology
3 Misc. Peace Topic Zarina F Ukraine MA Political Science
Gunay F Azerbaijan MA Economics
ZhangWen F China PhD Economics

Teacher Responsibility

  • Prepare 5 min self-introduction and answer questions from teams
  • Help your team prepare presentation during investigation/discussion time
  • Judge team presentations
  • Select 2-3 best essays from your team (by Sun. July 28)
  • Judge other team essays (by Tues. July 30)


  • 15 teams
  • Total 156 students (1st year = 62, 2nd year = 65, 3rd year 29)

Team Presentation

  • Award to 3 teams
  • 5-6 min in length

Judgement Criteria

  1. Fluency of English expression
  2. Content structure
  3. Team participation
  4. Audience response

Personal Essay

  • DUE FRIDAY, JULY 26th 23:59!
    2019.07.26.(금) 23:59시까지 제출 !!


  • 200-300 words
  • Submit to form

Prompt Questions

  1. Why did you join this camp (expectations)?
  2. Why did you choose this topic?
  3. What did you know about the topic before the camp?
  4. What did you learn about the topic during camp?
  5. What was your role in the team?
  6. What are your future hopes for the camp?

Evaluation Process

  1. Each team teacher recommends 2-3 students from their team based on their overall effort and teamwork
  2. Other teachers rate remaining essays from 1-7 points based on general impact/impression


30 total

  • 1st place = 5
  • 2nd place = 10
  • 3rd place = 15

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Romanization Tools/Dictionaries

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