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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 9

3 days in Global Issue Forum Camp

education on Ganghwa

Beginning of this camp

The first thing I came to mind after receiving the application for a global winter camp was my appearance at the global camp last summer. If I ask you to go back to those days now, I'll never go back. Because I learned a lot from the summer global camp, but the learning process was really hard. It was a camp where I could see how hard it was to work on a computer all day from morning to evening for three days.

So, I agonized a lot until I applied for this global camp, and finally handed in the paper on the last day of the application. So I decided, 'I applied for it and let's enjoy it for three days,' and then I remembered some good memories from the global camp. It was successful announcement made by free communication with native English teachers, communication with seniors, and the efforts of all team members. And it made me look forward to this global camp.

My choice for successful camp

Before the vacation, all the students who participated in the winter global camp gathered and chose one of the 10 subjects. I had a topic that I had already thought about, but all 10 topics were attractive and made me agonize. I thought, ‘I worked on education during the global summer camp, so let's talk about a different topic this time.’ However, I couldn't finish my mind in a short time, so I decided to choose a topic called ‘education in Ganghwa’.

I had no regrets because it was a topic that I had in mind from the beginning, and I wanted to explore it quickly. My future dream is to become a teacher, and also I was really curious about the way on education in our school.

Investigate about the topic for presentation

I knew that our school is conducting career programs and happiness education for students, and lots of students are actively participating. But I haven't been interested in anything except what I do. However, when we set up a topic for the presentation at the camp and specifically looked into the way on education in our school, we could see the three educational keywords in Ganghwa and examples of them.

I concentrated on the programs of my school, and I was surprised that all the programs I had participated in were linked to these three keywords. The meditation forest which I had been passing by was linked to ecology education, fashion swap party is involved in happiness education, and the 1,100th anniversary event of the founding of Goryeo which had been known for a year as the main theme of school festival was related to history education. Seeing that, I thought that education in schools was more systematic than I thought.

Prepare for last day

After 10 members of the team studied a large amount of information, we had to organize the information and make PPT and play scripts for the final day of the presentation. Our group prepared for the presentation in accordance with the words of our manager's sister.

Three people will produce PPT for each keyword, three will make an electronic newspaper that includes Ganghwa's education policy, and four will write scripts for the play in the situation of press conference. Out of the three keywords, I created the PPT in charge of happiness education, and as soon as this job was done, I was in charge of creating the PPT, which introduces the future education keywords created within our team.

At first, when I heard that I had to make this PPT, I wanted to give up because it was so hard, but at that moment, I thought, ‘Let's go beyond my limits,’ and I was able to complete my task in time. And when we present it on last day, I felt more energetic and proud to see the PPT on the screen made by myself .

Global camp and my dream

My dream is to be an English teacher in middle and high school. And I successfully finished the presentation on the right subject. I am satisfied with this alone. The preparation of the presentation was considered a preparation for the class, and the presentation was a lesson for students. In the process, I solved the problem by talking with a native teacher in English. I thought I had once experienced a teacher in this course. And I think the reason why I continue to participate in the global camp is related to this. After this camp, there’s a lot that’s helpful to me. And above all, it was good to have a rare opportunity to talk to a native teacher. I want to participate in camp steadily and get closer to my dream.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

2018 Global Forum Camp Essay Writing

Topic: A comparison of Korea’s education and current education

After the vacation on July 24th, I was supposed to participate in global forum camp. When I arrived at my house and lied down on the bed to sleep, I was a little bit anxious but on the other hand, I eagerly looked forward to communicating with foreigners. And the next day, I got up earlier than usual and packed things that I needed. It took over 2 hours to go to school. What I saw first was a foreign woman in purple whose name was Kate. And she said she took on my team. For some reason, I felt good on the first day. Our team went into a school dormitory’s computer room and started to plan how to write a report. Our team topic is ‘A comparison of Goryeo’s education and current education’. We had to do so many things about this topic, but we diveded into groups and sorted our affairs one by one.

As a member of this team I worked on writing introduction and conclusion, and my groupmate also did so. Then we were comparing the two versions and translating them with my friends on the data that seniors researched about educational institutions of Goryeo and modern times. The volume of data was larger than I thought, and it took me a long time to compare the Goryeo and the present. However, as I saw the results of my long study and translation of materials, I found out the information of Goryeo which I wanted to know and did not need to know. Actually, I did not try to memorize the information, but as I kept reading it, I felt as if it had entered my head. In addition the most memorable thing is that after three years of study, the Gookjagam’s students were exempted from the preliminary examination regardless of their grades, and the students having excellent result were exempted not only the basic test but the exam 1 and 2. Before I searched about this subject, I only knew that there was Gookjagam which teached student, but During this activity, I learned new information and a lot of thought came to mind. The fact that there was a similar system in the Goryeo Dynasty was interesting, and I wondered that there was no anger or uprising against it in the past.

While doing this activity, there were many hard things but I felt proud and interested as well. The process of researching in more detail than usual and translating the results into English seems fresh and helpful to me. I am happy because I felt like I had the necessary experience in my high school days.