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2018 Summer Global Issue Forum Camp Essay

It is the third time that I have participated in the event since last year. This time it was posted in Wikimedia, so it was more meaningful than last time. Our team has gathered friends who are interested in medicine. To mark the 1100st anniversary of Goryeo, our team's topic is the medical history of the Goryeo Dynasty and the treatment of the epidemic and the epidemic at that time. As a future biotechnologist, I chose this topic to find out what the medical standard was in the Goryeo Dynasty and how the people of Goryeo dealt with it through infectious diseases. For the first time, I was a leader so I directed the team, selecting topics, distributing roles, and collecting information and posting them on Wikimedia. It seems difficult, but in the short three days, our team must have really accomplished a lot and learned a lot and felt a lot. This time, I had higher expectations than last year. As a team leader, I wanted to see myself growing, and I wanted to get knowledge from this program.

Before the camp, we set a topic and set the details. With such an excited mind, ‘What teacher will meet us and whether we will have good memories and meaningful activities?‘ I started out with this idea. I acted responsibly as a team leader. On the first day, I researched the data and arranged it. Naturally, I had the time to get to know each other by introducing myself with my teacher before the activity started. The teacher name is Sribna Zarina. I am impressed that Zarina understands us who are not good at English. It was nice of you to point out the wrong side when I spoke. Thanks to Zarina, I think my English has improved a little. What I gained most from this activity were my speaking and listening skills. By saying the words I knew, I could care less about the mistakes, and I gained confidence. All this thanks to teacher Zarina.

After a day, we were more specifically divided into plans and roles. So I decided on a role division. The group members posted on Wikimedia the essays and planned presentations they had written. The group members, who still have to complete their parts, have decided to organize the entire contents, find errors in the content, and fix them with English. Also the Vice Leader helped me. She also chose the tasks and detailed roles she posted on Wikimedia.

I found my lack of activity in this work faster than I thought, my growth and my feeling through the camp. First of all, I still felt the lack in many things as a team leader. If they set your role in nanoseconds from day one, we might have prepared for our presentation a little more easily. That is the most regrettable. For example, set a time to look at your own data. then find a deficiency in each part of the survey and asked each other to find the data, and ask the member who finished the survey to speak English. I should have done that. Still, I realized this through this camp, so I think I will grow up as a team leader during the global camp in winter so I can do better. Second, my English has improved. In particular, my listening skills have improved a little. I could explain to the members of the group who couldn't understand what Zarina teacher said. I was so proud. Because I was able to help others because I was a little skilled. Finally, there are some gains regarding my career path. The most important thing that I think about as a biotechnologist is not giving up and trying. I was able to improve this part of the camp. It was difficult to search the data and I was not familiar with posting it on Wikimedia for the first time. But with the help of the group members, the process went smoothly. I would like to praise myself for not having given up on my own complete work. And when I become a biotechnology researcher, I may organize a team like this. Through this program, I realized the importance of the leadership. I felt a lot more confident but I will omit it. Three days passed really fast. It was really wonderful to have spent such meaningful three days.