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2018 Personal Essay

2018 GGHS Team 2

The Global Camp: The chemistry of the Goryeo dynasty

Usually, I have a heart beat fast and my hands when I speak in public. My voice was shaking and i couldn't look into people's eyes, so i wasn't confident about my presentation and i was reluctant to speak in English. Through the global camp, I applied to increase my confidence in English and to develop my immunity to the announcement, whether I make mistakes or succeed on stage. After I applied for camp, I worried a lot because my English skill was poor. However, because I think that I miss my chance to experience something new because I did not apply for English camp before this time, I will apply to sing up to not regret, then i will talk with native speakers through global camp, study English vocabulary and grammar, and meet various culture and people. Our team decided to present gunpowder and Goryeo celadon in the global camp as a discussion form on the chemistry that can be found in the Goryeo Dynasty. When I think of the chemistry of Goryeo Dynasty, the first thing that comes to mind is Choi Mu-seon, who got manufacturing method of gunpowder in China, and Goryeo celadon, which had been baked at high temperatures and looked beautiful. So we decided to make an announcement. I had experience displaying about Choemuseon and Hwapo in school club. At that time, I did a data investigation on Choimuseon's achievements and principles of fire, so I naturally learned about gunpowder and knew how to make it. However, the origin of gunpowder was newly discovered during the preparation of the activities. because I thought from the begining people were made gunpowder for weapons It was interesting that people happened to find them while making them for the purpose of theelixiroflife. Through the camp, I built up knowledge about the principles and characteristics of weapons and deepened my knowledge of Goryeo. And in the process of searching, there was a formula that knew when the gunpowder exploded, and when it exploded, the energy and gas were released into a closed space, then exploded. For the first time, I realized that the shell of the bomb was burned so that the power and gas would spread into the air and would not explode like a bomb. And I learned and used media wiki. Recently, I wanted to learn coding or c language because I became interested in the program, but I gave up on it because even though I learned the basics, it became more difficult to apply. So, as I was learning the wiki at the global camp, I got the motivation to learn the program again. Even though it was difficult, I could not give up on it and gradually solve the problem with my teacher. So it was time for me to get close to programming. As I learned program skills that were hard to get access for common people and learned new things by searching the data , so I was able to understand not only the knowledge of Goryeo but also the chemical knowledge and principles used in everyday lif e. Listening to the presentations of other teams, I took time to understand and understand the situation of Goryeo in various fields, including food, art, politics and diplomacy. I could spent time to develop much interest in science by learning the chemistry of Goryeo. As we led a camp with our seniors, freinds and teacher, we shared our work to help each other, and worked together to develop our friendship and spent our summer vacation meaningful.