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Topic : Management of the Gaeseong merchant and the International Byeongnando Trade Ports of East Asia

At this point I think that the global era is progressing and that further globalization phenomena will spread widely in the future, I participated to prepare for the future. Also, in order to overcome difficult English, I improved my English skills through camping and participated.

Since I can select the topic that I want to do, I thought that I am interested and have chosen an interesting topic and I was able to participate more happily. Unlike the Joseon Dynasty, management of the Goryeo Dynasty, dynamic, not restrictive, I thought that I could learn a lot more.

Since past experience is useful in the future, I would like to learn management method of the Goryeo merchant through this global camp.

Trade also plays an important role in management. As Korea is an exporting country, trade has been active, so we decided to choose Byeongnando which is the international trade port considered. I already knew the Byeongnando and Management of the Gaeseong merchant that studied class in Korean history at school. However, because I did not learn to study deepening, I did not learn why it was Byeongnando important and what the Management of the Gaeseong merchant did. So I decided to investigate Management of the Gaeseong merchant and Byeongnando through this global camp.

I learned how to find new material in this camp. I was able to find materials made in the Goryeo Dynasty by entering the Korean Classical Translation Institute, and I was able to understand the role of the Byeongnando and Management of the Gaeseong merchant through.

Management of the Gaeseong merchant mainly Exported through ginseng, which is a special product of Korea. Korea Ginseng was very popular and exported to Byeongnando. I was able to make more profit by exporting to various countries. Byeongnando has also been able to increase the culture and quality of life in Goryeo through the export of culturally developed Song Dynasty . So Song Dynasty and Goryeo made most trade active.

Goryeo also gained the name 'korea' through exchanges with Arabian merchants. I became the team leader at this global camp. The name of the team leader is an honorable but very burdensome. When I usually make a team with my friends, I am usually member or vice-leader, but this time I was the team leader.

In fact, there was a great sense of burden. I could not enough ability English to divide enough dialogue with my teacher so I could not understand well, I got a lot of trouble. So I spent my time in this camp with the mind to do my best even if I did wrong. When I first had a conversation with Salma teacher, I could not understand it and I received a lot of help from my friends. But I tried my best to do well and overcome of My weak it by trying my best. Now, unlike the first, I understand what the teacher is saying. As the team leader, I led the team but accepted the opinions of my friends.

I am looking forward to seeing my leadership improved further through this camp. I would also like to use it in my future through the Management of the Gaeseong merchant in Goryeo period. I also want to work in a trade port such as Byeongnando.