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5김수아 (토론 | 기여) 사용자의 2018년 7월 26일 (목) 10:55 판

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Topic: Unification Policy of South and North Korea based on Multifunctional Diplomacy and Domestic Policies of Goryeo.

I wanted to have time to explore and study with native English speakers about the topic so I joined the 2018 Global Forum Camp. I was in charge of the political and diplomatic field because I was interested in. I decided a topic that is more meaningful to our country, which is the only divided country in the world. As a result, the theme was determined as an inter-Korean unification plan based on the multiple diplomacy and internal policies of Goryeo. Ganghwa is very closely related to Goryeo. Ganghwa was the capital of Goryeo for a long time. I wanted to learn more about Goryeo because I lived in a city which has a deep relationship with it. Our group explored internal policies and multidisciplinary diplomacy of Taejo Wang Gun, Gwangjong, and King Sungjong during the Goryeo Dynasty, and drew up a plan to unify South and North Korea, the only divided nation in the world. Among them, I explored the multi-political diplomacy of the Goryeo Dynasty by each king and made up for information on policies. I was able to share the rich historical experiences of the Goryeo pluralism, which combines diversity, unity, openness and dynamism. And it was really interesting to draw up a unification plan between South and North Korea comparing them to our country now. While researching the Goryeo Dynasty, I learned about things I did not know , and I began to think deeply about the topic of unification between South and North Korea. I had always been interested in my country and history as I kept my dream of being a soldier five years ago, so I was happy to participate in this meaningful event to mark the 1100th anniversary of the foundation of Goryeo .